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HP Laserjet Error Codes and Solutions

Here are some common while unpopular error codes on most HP Color Laserjet printers and their possible troubleshooting method:

41.2 PRINTER ERROR: Indicates that a beam detect laser scanner error has occurred on the previous page. The page will reprint and continue.
1. Reset the Printer by restarting it
2. Reconnect connector J1001 on the laser driver PCA and connector J205 on the controller board.
3. if this does not help, replace the controller board

41.3 UNEXPECTED PAPER SIZE LOAD TRAY 1: This happens when the printer tray detects a different paper size than the normal. Verify the correct size media (width and length)
are loaded in tray. You might have to replace the tray 1 pick-up assembly as a last resort.

50.1 FUSER ERROR CYCLE POWER: Indicates that a low temperature error has occurred in the fuser. Time to replace fuser kit if resetting does not help

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