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Replace the imaging drum on HP LaserJet printers

In this article, we will show you how to replace the imaging drum on HP LaserJet printers. When the printer control panel or the printer software prompts the following message, “The imaging drum level is low or very low” and print quality is no longer acceptable, consider installing a replacement drum by following these steps.

Lift the scanner assembly and then with the top cover until it is firmly in place.

Hold the middle handle of the imaging drum and pull it along the track to remove it with the toner cartridge.

Remove the new imaging drum and toner cartridge from the protective bag.

The old imaging drum and used toner cartridge should be properly disposed off for recycling.

Hold the middle handle of the imaging drum align it with the tracks inside the printer and push down until the drum clicks in the place.

Close the top cover and the lower the scanner assembly.

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