Printer Repair: Why Repair than buy new one?

Printer Repair: Should You Repair Your Old Printer Or Buy A New One?

One of the things that you worry about when your trusted old laser printer breaks down is, should you buy a new one, or go for a laser printer repair? It’s not an easy decision to make – A. Get a new printer or B. Printer Repair Toronto. While we talk about the various factors that you should take into consideration while going for a printer service in Toronto, the simple rule is, if your printer repair in Toronto costs more than half of what it would take to get a brand new printer, then perhaps you should buy a new printer. Otherwise, just get the laser printer repair done.
The math for this is quite simple. An average laser printer costing $800, gives you 150,000 pages before breaking down for the first time. Now, you can get a laser printer repair done for $400 or less, and the same printer would give you another 150,000 before breaking down for the second time. Or, you could buy a brand new printer costing $800, and you end up losing $400 over it. So, does it make sense to spend 50% or more on a new printer without getting any additional benefit out of it? Obviously, it doesn’t make sense; which is why you should go for a Printer repair in Toronto. However, it’s not as simple as that. Here are some of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself about your printer before going for a printer service or laser printer repair.

Is your printer breaking down frequently?
Does your printer break down every couple of weeks or so? Well, that’s not a good sign. Even if you can get it working again with minor repairs, the fact that it breaks down so often means there is some flaw in the unit, or even in the design of the model, if it’s a new model. Maybe this particular model cannot handle too much work. Perhaps you should get a new printer.

So, how long should a printer function without breaking down?
For four months at a stretch. If your printer breaks down earlier than that after the last time you had it serviced at a printer repair Toronto, and does so again and again, then you must buy a new printer. No point in persisting with the old one any longer.

Are the parts easily available for laser printer repair?
If the parts of the printer that are damaged are not easily available, then it would be hard to get the laser printer repair done. But this shouldn’t be a problem with laser printers, as most of the parts can be replaced very easily. However, this is not so with inkjet printers. It’s not easy to repair inkjet printers as their replacement parts are not always available. This is so because the manufacturers of inkjet printers intend for such printers to be replaced entirely, rather than be repaired because they are so much cheaper than laser printers.

Is your printer an old model based on older technology?
Often, technology changes suddenly, and what worked perfectly in the past, looks slow, old fashioned and unreasonable. If you have a printer that works on the parallel port technology, rather than on USB, then perhaps it’s time for a change. You can always get a substitute for the USB to work with your old model, but that would be a stop-gap solution, and won’t work for the long term. In such a scenario, better upgrade your printer.

Do you have a lot of toner cartridges for your old printer lying around?
Often, this is the biggest reason to persist with your old printer, get it serviced at printer repair Toronto, rather than buying a new one. Toner cartridges don’t come cheap, and they often work with only a certain printer model which they are made for. If you have already collected too many of them, then you would be wasting a lot of your money if you decide to go for a new printer, as your old toner cartridges may not work with it. So, why waste money? Just get a printer service done.
Well, these are the questions you should ask yourself before going for a printer repair or Photocopier repair Toronto. As said very early in the article, how much you’re willing to spend on your printer should be your most important consideration while deciding whether to get a laser printer repair done, or buying a brand new model. You can also consider leasing a printer in case the cost to purchase a new copier is overwhelming for your business.