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Printer Repair Hub is your one stop shop for all kinds of Printers parts and printer repair service. We provide hard to find printer parts which are not readily available in the market. Contact us for printer parts including Laser Printer Fusers, Fuser Assemblies, Maintenance Kits and Components at best rates in the market.

Printer Fuser

Extensive Inventory of Printer Parts

At Printer Repair Hub, we understand the importance of having the right parts to ensure your printer’s optimal performance. Our vast inventory includes hard-to-find parts and components that are not readily available in the market, ensuring that we’re your go-to source for all printer parts needs.

  • Laser Printer Fusers and Assemblies: Get the best quality laser printer fusers and fuser assemblies to maintain the efficiency of your printers.
  • Maintenance Kits and Components: Choose from our wide selection of maintenance kits and components to extend the life of your printers.
  • Thermal Fax Film and Platten Rollers: Find top-grade thermal fax film and platten rollers that meet your specific printing requirements.
  • Printer Gears and Printheads: We offer durable printer tooth gears and high-performing printheads to keep your printers in excellent working condition.
  • Canon Drum Units: Discover our range of Canon drum units, including GPR 18, GPR 10, GPR 6, and GPR 23, available at competitive prices.

Other Essential Printer Parts:

  • HP Printer Maintenance Kits
  • Heat Rollers and Metal Films
  • Pressure Rollers and Transfer Rollers
  • Feed Rollers and Thermal Switches
  • Caster Wheels, Timing Belts, and NIC Cards
  • Duplexers, Pick Up Assemblies, and Paper Feed Assemblies
  • Trays, Control Panels, and General HP Maintenance Kits
  • Cleaning Supplies & Lubricants
  • Separation Pad
  • Transfer Roller
  • Maintenance Kit, 110V
  • Feed Kit
  • Printer tooth gear
  • Printheads

We carry canon Drum units for Canon Printers at very good prices.

Drum unit GPR 18
Drum unit GPR 10
Drum unit GPR 6
Drum unit GPR 23

Other printer parts:

HP Printer Maintenance kit

  • Heat Roller and Metal Film
  • Pressure Roller
  • Transfer Roller
  • feed Rollers
  • Thermal Swicth
  • Caster Wheels
  • Timing belts
  • Printheads
  • Duplexers
  • NIC Cards
  • Pick Up Assemblies
  • Paper Feed Assemblies
  • Springs
  • Trays
  • Control Panel

General HP Maintenance kit Includes fusing assembly, separation rollers, transfer roller, paper feed rollers, pick-up roller.