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Improve Printer Printing Quality

Today, we are going to discuss about identifying and correcting print defects to your HP Laserjet Printers. We are taking HP LaserJet P1500 Series as a test printer.

Light print or faded on paper

This issue can be due to several factors including the following:

  • Your print cartridge is nearing end of life and needs to be replaced.
  • You are using a poor quality compatible toner
  • The paper quality is not up to the mark such as the paper is too moist or too rough.
  • If the whole page is light, the print density adjustment is too light or EconoMode might be turned on. Adjust the
    print density, and disable EconoMode in the printer Properties.

Toner spread or small toner particles on the Paper

  • The paper quality is not good or too rough.
  • Printer needs cleaning

Dark Grey background on Paper

  • Make sure that tray 1 is in place.
  • Decrease the print density setting through the embedded Web server. This decreases the amount of background shading.
  • Change the media to a lighter basis weight.
  • Check the device environment. Very dry (low humidity) conditions can increase the amount of background shading.
  • Try Installing a new HP print cartridge.

Dropouts, jamming, or curl

  • The paper has been stored incorrectly
  • The paper has variability from one side to the other.
  • The paper has ragged edges.

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