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Assigning a static IP to HP Printer

If your Computer regularly loses communication with your wireless HP printer, you can resolve this issue by assigning a the printer a static IP address.

This article will show you how to assign  a static IP address to your HP printer using the embedded Web server or EWS.

Before you begin you need to printer network configuration page to get your printers IP address. putting the network configuration page varies by printer so we will not provide those instructions here your computer go to the desktop if you are at the start screen click the bottom left corner of your screen. Open the web browser of your choice. using the network configuration page you printer located the IP address for your printer. type the IP address into the browser’s address bar and then press enter on your Keyboard. If  receive a warning message about the website security certificate continue to the website doing so will not harm your computer. when the embedded Web server opens this confirms the printer is on the same network as the computer. In the EWS click the network tab. Click networking, then click the network address or the IP. Click manual IP and then click suggest a manual IP address. After the manual IP address populates, click manual DNS server. Using the network configuration page you printed, locate the Project locate the DNS server addresses for your printer.  Type the DNS server addresses for your printer into the manual preferred DNS server field and the manual alternate DNS server field. Click apply.The static IP address is now assigned printers ready for regular use.

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