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Tips to increase life span of Business Printers

Tips to increase life span of Business Printers

Printers play an important and vital role in any business. Whether you are a Law firm or a Logistics company or even an E-commerce company, a Printer is always an important part of the daily business routine.  Although being the most important equipment of our industry, they are often devoid of proper care until they break down or run out of ink. There are some amazing and life-saving tips and tricks in maintaining business printers to make them work effectively and tips on keeping the nozzles clear, sharper image prints, conveniently correcting the document formatting and much more. For more on Business Printer repair, please contact Printer Repair Hub in Toronto.

  1. Prevent Clogging

The most typical problem faced with the printer is nozzle clogging. This clogging of nozzles occurred in the location of low humidity area. Battling with clogging situation can be easily overcome by adding a humidifier to the room where the printer is kept.

  1. Reduction of bloatware

There are few printers, particularly all the new ones install enormous software automatically even when not in use. Minimization of this unnecessary software can be overcome by customizing the option by merely selecting the option” to install- the minimum requirement being the driver alone.”

  1. A clean printer

Sometimes paper jamming can be the cause of dirty printer and can create a nuisance in the work environment. Often clean the printer heads with alcohol to prevent debris and dust accumulating the printer. The inside of the printer can be even cleaned with soft dusting cloth to prevent any damage to them.

  1. Paper types with the printer

Paper consideration is another problem of causing paper jams. Always choose the paper which was intended to be utilized with the printer. Using heavier paper may result in jamming of papers. To print with different types of paper, inform the printer through the setting about the weight of the paper.

  1. Print in an accurate order

The printers usually print the documents from the initial page. This sometimes causes a huge paper arranging task to reorder them. Printing with the reverse order can be extremely helpful in saving the time of rearranging the papers. This option can be chosen from the advanced option and then select the “Print pages in reverse order” option.

  1. Consistency maintained with PostScript

With the PostScript option, the biggest leverage of it is not to worry about the printer languages, line breaks, page breaks, graphic placements and much more. If concerned with the consistency concept, stick to PostScript printers. If this is not possible, convert the document into PDF file and print from Acrobat.

  1. Print the documents in monochrome

Sometimes printers are confused with the printing colors of the document and pop-up the message of error because of some other ink’s color. This could be extremely annoying but can be solved easily and conveniently by printing the documents in black-and-white only. If the printers do not arrive with the black-only option, supply the appropriate ink to the printer.

  1. Tray load and alignment

Sometimes the tray of the printer is overloaded or heavily loaded. This can result in paper jams and stuck paper issues. The printer trays should be loaded with about three-fourths of its capacity to safely deal with it. This will also be helpful for the slider to slide the papers reliably.

  1. Resetting the cartridge

Sometimes the printer pops-up the dialog-box of empty cartridges even though it’s not empty. This problem can be conveniently resolved by just resetting the cartridge. But be careful while resetting the printer as it may damage the cartridge permanently.


  1. Maintenance by professional

With a business printer at your workplace, maintaining and handling the printer should be appropriate to increase their lifespan and have quality output. This can be achieved by hiring a professional printer monitors to monitor the printer and fix the problem immediately if arises.

This increases the lifespan of printer being handled by the professionals.


These were some amazing and life-saving tips and tricks for business printers to increase their lifespan and printing quality.