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Why Printer Repair Contract?

Buying a printer these days is not a big deal. You can buy a multifunction printer for as low as $200 at any online store. These printers although cheap are not as durable as business printers and usually lasts for a year or two. Business printers on the other hand are really durable and lasts for years if proper care is taken. Photocopiers of the other hand are designed to print several thousand pages per month and therefore need a constant maintenance to keep them running for the ultimate performance. A well maintained printer saves you not only cost of printer repair but also control your budget. It is essential that the printer for the photocopier be regularly clean and serviced by an experienced printer repair technician. We recommend an annual printer repair maintenance contract for a complete piece of mind. This contract covers everything from unlimited services to parts and labour for any veer or tear. If your business is relying heavily on printer, it becomes even more important to have your printer setup to a service contract. For all your printer at the photocopier repair needs, please contact printer repair hub team of certified technicians who have been servicing business printers for over 10 years. Our team of experienced technicians are well trained and fully equipped to handle all types of popular photocopiers, plotters, wide format printers, laser printers and thermal printers.