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Preventive Maintenance HP Designjets

HP Designjets are most popular and best selling wide format or so-called plotters for various printing needs. They are known for their high-quality printing and low maintenance cost. It is very important to keep these printers in good conditions so they have minimal wear and tear and are in good share for extensive printing. Here are some of the steps you can follow to reduce chances of repairs.

Preventive Maintenance for HP Designjets

Keep them in a Clean place: Dust and moisture can be disastrous for any plotter. Make sure the place you keep your HP Designjet is clean without dust and dry. High level of moisture can damage your printer as well as dust. Blow away the dust if any with a compressor air. Wipe the plotter with a soft lint free cloth.

Make sure the Driver rollers are regularly cleaned.

Always check for Carriage Belt wear and tear. If you find the belt in worn out, install a replacement belt at the earliest.

Get your wide format plotter calibrated once a year to make sure the printer is working well.

Always get your Designjet serviced twice a year depending upon the usage. Get your plotter serviced from an experienced HP Designjet Repair company such as Printer Repair Hub.