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HP Laserjet Printer Cleaning

HP Laserjet Printers are knows for reliability and high quality printing. If properly maintained and cleaned, they can work without any issue for years to come. Here are some of the tips for maintenance of popular HP Laserjet Printers.

  1. To maintain high-quality printing and performance, get your printer regularly serviced from a Printer Repair company who can thoroughly clean the printer and the paperhandling
  2. Before cleaning, always turn off the power top avoid any shock or injury
  3. While cleaning the printer, never touch the transfer roller. Skin oils on the roller can reduce print quality.
  4. Use a lint free damp cloth to clean outside cover, pickup rollers, feed, separation rollers and Fuser.
  5. Only use dry lint free cloth to clean Separation pad, Registration roller, Transfer roller and other general inside parts
  6. Do not touch the transfer roller with the damp cloth or with your fingers.
  7. If there is spilled toner, clean it using a cloth dampened with cold water.

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