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HP Designjet Maintenance Tips

HP Makes great wide format or plotters. if properly handled and taken care of, they can last for years to come without much maintenance.

  • Always update the printer firmware to the latest as per the instructions. Also when replacing any electronic module, always check the firmware revision level of the new electronic module. Also check the firmware revision level of the ROM SIMM installed in the old electronic module.
  • If you have a print quality problem, HP recommends that you print the Print-Quality Plot to get to the root of the problem. This will help you to differentiate between possible error and tell you if the quality issue is due to Cartridge error or incorrect front panel selection, driver issue or some mechanical problem.
  • If the Carriage is making noise, it can be due to dirty carriage bushings. Clean dust from dirty carriage bushings and also from slider rod. You may also lubricant to the slider rod if necessary.
  • Make sure the carriage belt is not worn out and is free of any abrasions.
  • If the Printer is continuously rejecting Cartridges, make sure you have removed the tape from new Cartridge. This is a common error. This can also be due to Dirty pads and therefore clean the flex contacts on the cartrige and the Carriage.
  • If the Designjet has problem with Cutter, check the cable for the Front Panel assembly is not loose and properly routed in the cover clips.
  • For HP Designjet Repair, contact our service team.