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Common HP Laser Printer Fuser Errors

HP currently leads the market for Laserjet and photocopier printers. Printer fuser is one of the most important components in the printer. The fuser unit usually comes as a removable unit with parts that needs to be replaced from time to time. It essentially fuses the powder toner into the page by heating it. We have compiled the list of the most common Printer Errors and issues:

  • Error 13 Paper Jam
  • Error 13.20 4200/4300/ 4250/4350
  • 13.20/13.14 or 13.X on power up for all other printers
  • 50.x error
  • 50 Service on LaserJet series II, III, IID, IIID, IIP, IIIP,4P, 4L, 5P, 6P, 4, 4+, 5
  • 50.5 Error 4200/4300/4250 & 4350 only
  • Image Defects: Ghosting, Repetitive Print, Offset Printing
  • Grinding Noise


If you get any of the above errors on your Printers, please get in touch with our HP Printer Repair Department.